3B Projects

3B Collective has worked on several site-specific art installations and murals and collaborated with other artists, collectives, galleries, and institutions. These institutions have included UCLA, UCSD, El Museo Infantil in Oaxaca, Mexico, LAXART, The Mistake Room, the Hammer Museum, LACE, La Plaza de Cultura y Arte, the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture, the City of Inglewood, and San Diego City College.  Contracted projects have included work with artists like Barbara Kruger, Emory Douglas, Barbara Solomon, and Eduardo Sarabia.

Completed Public Art Projects

Rolling Colors | Colores Rolando | 3B | Palomares Park, Pomona, CA | 2023

Unidos | 3B | Edward Vincent Jr Park, Inglewood, CA | 2023

As Chicano and Indigenous artists with deep roots in Inglewood, we were happy to be approached by Residency art gallery owner Rick Garzon to design two basketball courts in Edward Vincent Jr Park. With a member of our art collective having grown up just a few blocks away and played on those very courts, we knew how important it was to create a design that reflected the diverse cultural heritage of Inglewood.

Drawing from our cultural iconography and modernist designs, we incorporated two pyramids, each representing a different facet of this vibrant community. The cool blues and other cool colors of the north court’s pyramid honor the history and traditions of the black community in Inglewood, while the warm yellows and other warm colors of the south court’s pyramid pay homage to the Mexican and Indigenous heritage of so many of the city’s residents.

The two pyramids extend and intersect where the courts meet, representing the intersecting and intertwined histories of the people of Inglewood. We also included a gold chain around the center court circle, symbolizing strength, lowriding culture, and the solidarity of black and brown communities. This design element is not only a tribute to the rich history and shared love of lowriding culture but also serves as a powerful visual reminder of the strength and resilience of our communities.

As artists with a deep appreciation for the cultural traditions of our community, we take pride in creating a design that reflects the diverse cultural heritage of Inglewood, where our friends, family, and collective members were born and raised. We hope our design will inspire and unite the community and visitors who enjoy the courts. We are honored to have been a part of this project and to contribute to Inglewood’s vibrant cultural landscape.

¬°Aguas! | 3B & Sonia Romero | University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA | 2022

Lost in Translation | San Diego City College, San Diego, CA | 2021

Salt of the Earth | California State University, Stanislaus | 2021

Chicano Moratorium 50th Anniversary | East Los Angeles, California | 2020

BLM | Virginia Commonwealth University | 2020

BLM | UC San Diego | 2020

TEJAS | San Antonio, Texas | 2019

VENICE | UCLA Dental Clinic | Venice, CA | 2019

50 Years of Resistance |UCLA | Westwood, CA | 2018

Valor 3B & LaPiztola Collective | EL Museo Infantil Oaxaca, Mexico | 2018

Learning Lab Community Mural | Hathaway-Sycamores| Los Angeles, CA |2018